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Environmental Health
Protecting Our Natural Assets
Snowmass Village Town Council and staff aspire to be responsible stewards of our natural resources and achieving a sustainable natural environment is one of the core areas identified by the town’s Strategic Plan.

Environmental Advisory Board:
The Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) is the town’s primary resource for environmental sustainability issues and efforts in Snowmass Village. If you have questions about the town’s environmental initiative or projects, please contact the board’s staff liaison Travis Elliott.

The EAB is primarily responsible for implementing the Town's sustainability plan. 

Sustainability Plan
In 2009, the Town Council adopted an environmental sustainability plan intended to bring ecological awareness into all aspects of town governance. This plan was created with the help of the Rocky Mountain Institute and Snowmass citizens.

This plan is being reviewed and implemented by the Environmental Advisory Board. In 2015, the EAB presented an Update to the Sustainability Plan to Town Council.

Carbon Footprint Reports
In 2010, the town completed its first Carbon Footprint Report in collaboration with Climate Mitigation Services, and established it's 2020 goal:

"Reduce carbon emissions by 20% by 2020, over the 2009 baseline."

The Town's carbon inventory reports are available below. They provide a baseline understanding of our carbon footprint, and allow us to explore concrete ways to reduce our impact. 

Renewable Energy Offset Program
Building projects in Snowmass Village wishing to incorporate exterior energy uses, such as pools, hot tubs, and snow melt systems, are required to offset 50% of the energy demand associated with those amenities by incorporating on-site renewables. Details on the Renewable Energy Offset Program are available in our municipal code. If you have questions about the program, contact the Community Development Department at 970-923-5524.

Greening Town Facilities & Operations
Efforts to reduce the energy consumption associated with town operations have influenced how we build, manage, and operate buildings and facilities and is always searching for opportunities to save money by saving energy and resources. Learn more about the town’s environmental successes.