COVID-19 Business Operational Safety Plans

Updated May 27th, 2020 2:23 PM

Pitkin County  Roadmap to Reopening

Pitkin County Business Resources

Permitted Construction Projects:

The Pitkin County Health Department has allowed for construction activity to begin resuming operations as early as Monday, April 27th. Specific project plans that outline how the site will adhere to social distancing requirements and hygiene standards will be required. Approval is required prior to the project resuming operations, and no sooner than Monday, April 27th.  

Once your job site receives approval, your TOSV Certificate of Approval must be posted on the job site, in a location easy to see from the street. 

Landscaping and Construction Activity:

Landscaping companies and construction activity not requiring a permit are allowed to begin operating in Pitkin County as of 4.23.20 as long as they have completed a company-specific operation plan that demonstrates compliance with this Business Safety Plan. Non-permitted construction includes activities like: house painting, driveway resurfacing or parking lot paving/restriping, window washing, property management/maintenance, pool and spa maintenance, carpet installation, wood floor installation, interior decorating and window coverings, appliance delivery, and installation and alarm service and maintenance testing. For a comprehensive definition of Non-permitted construction, please refer to this link.  The Business Safety Plan document is to be completed prior to the commencement of work.


Lodging will be allowed to open at 50% daily capacity on the 27th, with a COVID-19 safety plan to include sector-specific guidance.

Golf Courses:  

Golf Courses are permitted to begin operating in Pitkin County as of 4.23.20 with the submission and approval of a Business Safety Plan. Only residents of the Roaring Fork Valley are allowed on the course currently.


Retail businesses, offices, personal services, limited real estate showings are permitted to re-open on May 9th with restrictions, as outlined by Colorado Safer at Home guidelines. A Business Safety Plan must be submitted and available on-site upon opening. Once the plan is submitted online, Pitkin County will provide signage to indicate that the business is in compliance and requirements of customers.

Restaurants / Places of Public Accommodation:

Restaurants will be allowed to open on May 27th, under the County’s restaurant guidelines with at least one exception: that indoor seating capacity is limited by physical distancing requirements and 50% of facility capacity (whichever is more restrictive).  Our variance had requested physical distancing requirements, but not a percentage of capacity.  The 50% seating capacity only applies to indoor seating and not to outdoor seating which must meet physical distancing requirements.  

Groups/Event Size Limits:

A maximum group/event size of 50 was approved with a safety plan submission tentatively starting June 22nd.   Gatherings over 10 people must be a County or Municipality permitted event, with a COVID-19 safety plan.  Informal gatherings (house parties, etc.) will remain limited to 10 or under.  Again, there is a preference for outdoor events and a limit of 50% of facility capacity for indoor events/gatherings.