Is this a safe option for pedestrians?
In its current state, the intersection is not well designed for pedestrian crossing. To cross Brush Creek Rd pedestrians must cross two lanes of traffic, as well as avoid vehicles making left and right hand turns. When built, the roundabout will provide several important pedestrian safety improvements including refuges (or islands) which allow pedestrians to cross one lane of traffic at a time. Also, crosswalks placement (recessed from the yield into the roundabout for motorists) forces motorists to first stop for pedestrians, then proceed to the roundabout and yield to traffic, instead of having to do both at the same time.

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1. Why a roundabout?
2. Is this a safe option for pedestrians?
3. What about impacts to the Snowmass Conoco?
4. What will happen to traffic on Brush Creek Rd. when the roundabout is being constructed?
5. What will the roundabout look like?
6. Where are we now and what’s next?