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Town of Snowmass Village Right of Way Work Permit

  1. Permit No:__________________
    (Office Use only)
  2. Town of Snowmass Village Right of Way Work Permit
    Public Works Road Division P.O. Box 5010, 3745 Owl Creek Road Snowmass Village, CO 81615 Phone: 970-923-5110 Fax: 970-923-3794
  3. Instructions for Completion:

    This form is intended to be used as an electronic way to complete the information required for this permit only. Once the information has been entered into this form, additional documentation such as a diagram of work, will need to be submitted either by email or delivered to the Public Works office at 3745 Owl Creek Road. In addition to a diagram of work, a signed copy of this permit along with any fees (if applicable) may also be required once all information is submitted. Please follow up with the Public Works Department at 970-923-5110 after submittal of this form to ensure that application is complete. CALL BEFORE YOU DIG 1-800-922-1987. Right of way permits are valid for one (1) construction season, unless otherwise authorized by a Town of Snowmass representative.

    (Allow 7 business days for permit approval)
  6. Street address
  7. Type of Work?
  8. New or Repair Work?
  9. Purpose of Work?
    Please provide the length x width in square feet for the appropriate improvement.
  11. ____ Long x _____wide (SF)
  12. ____Long x ____wide (SF)
  13. ____Long x ______wide (SF)
  14. length of culvert
  16. Traffic control plan
  17. Landscaping plan
  18. Insurance provided
  19. Diagram/Site Plan of Work
  20. Concrete or backfill and compaction methods for linear runs shall be tested by:
  21. Test results shall be emailed to the following Public Works staff emails within 24 hours after work is completed:

    Shaun LeeKing, Road Superintendent- Email:

    Anne Martens, Public Works Director- Email:

    Julie Louderback, Public Works Admin. Asst.- Email:

  23. Special Conditions Requirements:
    (Office Use Only. Permittee will be issued any special instructions below if necessary.)
  24. Fee Structure
    (For office use only. Public Works to determine fees.)
  25. Right of Way Permit Fee:
  26. $300.00
  27. Access Permit Fee:
  28. $100.00
  29. Obstruction Permit Fee:
  30. $100.00
  31. Total Permit Fee:
  32. $_________________
  33. Paid Check #:_____________
  34. Right of Way Security Deposit: $2,000 minimum deposit for 2 years.
  35. Right of Way Security Deposit for shallow utility cuts of 30" or less in depth: $20.00 per sq. ft. of asphalt cut equal or greater than $2,000.00 minimum.
  36. Right of Way Security Deposit for deep utility cuts of 30" or more in depth: $30.00 per sq. ft. of asphalt cut equal or greater than $2,000.00 minimum.
  37. Total Security Deposit: $______________
  38. Section III: Contractor Acknowledgement
  39. In accepting this permit the undersigned, representing the Permittee, verifies that they have read and understands all of the foregoing provisions; that they have authority to sign for and bind the Permittee; and by virtue of their signature the Permittee is bound by and agrees to comply with all Town ordinances, standards and specifications regulating construction.
  40. Type in name in place of signature

  41. For office use only:
  42. __________________________________________
    Permit Approval By
  43. ___________
  44. Inspected By:_____________________
    (For office use only)
  45. Final Inspection By:_____________________
    (For office use only)
  46. Security Deposit Released Date:___________
    (For office use only)
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