Alarm Permits & Registration

Register Your Alarm

The Town of Snowmass Village is implementing a new online alarm permit licensing system in 2024. This new licensing system will make the registration and renewal remittance process easier for residents and businesses. The integration combines various Town permits and licenses into one system, which streamlines the process and makes it more convenient for users.

This new online system is called MuniRevs. If you already have an account with MuniRevs you should see an open Task to renew your Permit. If you don't, please contact Meg. All new users to MuniRevs will need to create an account using this link


All payments and getting a copy of your alarm is now done through your MuniRevs account.

Alarm Fees for 2024. 

  • 2024 Alarm Permit Fee: $50  
  • After 3 false alarms $100 each
  • Please Note: Please note that if you have any outstanding alarms or have failed to renew your alarm permit in the past years, you will receive a notice with an amount to bring your alarm into compliance.
  • Contact the office if you have any questions concerning past due fees.
  • The eighth false alarm for a commercial or residential facility and the tenth false alarm for a public accommodation complex shall be deemed a failure to comply with the proper maintenance or operation of a trouble-free alarm and a violation of this Article. The permittee shall be charged three hundred dollars ($300.00) for this and each false alarm thereafter, and the permittee may be required to meet with the Chief of Police and the alarm contractor to determine the cause of the problem and discuss possible solutions.


If you have sold the property, the alarm permit cannot be transferred to the new owner. They will need to get their own permit. Thank you in advance for letting me know if you sold your property.


It is required that we have the owner’s information including Name, address, contact number and a valid email address. Property management can still be the main point of contact and should be noted in the alarm permit. 

With the implementation of MuniRev all alarm permit renewals must be completed exclusively through our dedicated online portal, and we will no longer accept checks as a payment method.

Alarm Permit Regulations (PDF)

For more information, contact the Police Department by email, or 970-923-5330.