Town Council Strategic Goals

Goal Setting Statement

Adopted April 3, 2017

Following each election, the Town Council takes time to identify large policy objectives and community goals to work toward. Some initiatives are short term others are expected to take substantially more time to address. Through this current goal setting process, the Town Council is very mindful that a full review of the Comprehensive Plan is underway with the community. The goals identified in this Goal Setting Statement will be compared to the updated Comprehensive Plan and aligned as necessary.

The Town Council appreciates its responsibility to be a nimble steward of our existing community character. The Council recognizes that our Town is a fun, community focused, family friendly Village. As our community inevitably evolves and changes over time, the Council wants to ensure we remain a thriving, charming, fun, resilient, safe, and emotionally connected community. As we take steps toward our future, we recognize we are not a traditional town, but rather a unique Village. We choose to embrace this uniqueness by looking for creative resolutions to address the many opportunities before us and we further recognize that high quality creative approaches require taking reasonable risks. Fundamentally, the Council aims to stay true to the values of the Village and create positive momentum for the community and resort.


Areas of Primary Focus for the Town Council Diagram

Affordable Housing

Strategically increasing the amount of affordable housing in the Village and ensuring it is balanced with the actual need is critical. Providing a variety of affordable housing options within the Village not only enable community members to contribute to the local economy, it also helps to build a strong, well connected, and engaged community. We will actively pursue the long standing goal of housing those of our fulltime workforce that want to live in the community. It is especially important to explore opportunities that offer a wide array of options to accommodate multi-generational housing needs from seniors to young professionals.

Community Engagement

The Council wants to strive to continue to increase high quality, community engagement. This includes creating opportunities to receive feedback, to improve Council visibility, to increase the number of listening gatherings (for Council) on a broad array of subjects and to make sure the Council has good and beneficial communication with its citizen boards and commissions and town staff.

The Council will continue to allocate the necessary resources to recruit and retain effective professional town staff who uphold and lead by the Town’s standards and values and create a high quality governance structure.

Community Building

A major component of community building is creating more community oriented spaces and gathering places. In addition, the Town needs to increase utilization of existing community spaces by programing them with community focused activities and exploring partnerships with organizations, such as Pitkin County Library, that create vitality. These community places need to be conveniently connected such that “a flow” between them is evident and high levels of vitality can be enjoyed throughout the Village. This community building initiative should further include cultural activities including performing and visual arts. Finally, the Town needs to clearly define the Town Park project and complete a master plan design so that improvements can be set into motion for this community oriented space.


Maintaining a safe environment is critical. The Town needs to continue focusing its energy on making the community physically connected and as safe as possible. This includes improvements for pedestrians, individuals with mobility issues, transit users, and bike riders. It also includes efforts to create respectful and safe use of our multi-use trail system.

A Continued Commitment to Resiliency

A truly resilient community is committed to being proactive in protecting its assets. This requires addressing environmental, fiscal, safety, transportation and economic development topics. Our economic development efforts will continue to embrace innovative approaches such as public/ private partnerships, new business models and will further continue to work with existing cornerstone organizations. These efforts to improve resiliency will continue to require a commitment to innovative governance from the Town Council.


The Town is committed to being proactive and participating in regional approaches for topics that face the entire Roaring Fork Valley including, but not limited to transportation, housing, recreation, and public health matters.