Building in Snowmass Village


The Community Development Department strictly enforces land-use and building codes to maintain community character and our natural environment.

If you have questions about the process and necessary approvals for residential or commercial projects prior to building, please contact the Community Development Department at 970-923-5524 with a clear description of what you plan to build, and where. A building or planning official will work collaboratively with you to facilitate the most efficient approval mechanism or process.

Projects may involve:

  • Building permit
  • Staff planning review
  • Planning commission approval
  • Town Council approval
  • Coordination with other Town departments

Project approvals can take anywhere from two days to 18 months depending on the project size, scope, and impacts on the community and Town infrastructure.

Before You Build

All contractors working on commercial or residential projects in Snowmass Village require a valid contractor’s license (PDF) which should be renewed annually, and a valid Snowmass Village business license.

Fee Schedule

Building permit fees vary depending on the project. Please review our current Building Permit Fee Schedule (PDF) for detailed information on fees.

Apply for a Building Permit Online

Register your business, upload plans, apply for permit, pay fees and check permit status through Contractor Connect:

Please Note:

All deliveries into Snowmass Village are taxable, including construction materials. Learn more about sales tax rates and how to remit your taxes, on the Sales and Lodging Tax.

Construction Times and Noise

Town Code limits construction activities on Sundays and all national holidays. Permissible construction hours in the Town of Snowmass Village include the following:

  • Monday - Saturday (excluding holidays)
  • 7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Learn more by reading the Municipal Code

Sustainability and Green Building

Ensuring that our built environment supports town environmental goals is a priority of the Community Development Department. In addition to the green building codes adopted by the Town of Snowmass Village, Town staff and regional partners can provide education and resources on the importance, and practice of green building.

Available Resources