Accessing Records & Information

Committed to Transparency

The Town of Snowmass Village is committed to providing the public convenient access to accurate information about Town operations. A wide variety of commonly requested documents are available on this website, through the following tools:

  • Public Records Portal: Our online historical public record repository which includes Town Council agendas, minutes, packets, resolutions, and ordinances dating back to 1977.
  • Public Notices: Announcing upcoming meetings or public hearings. Please note that while many public notices are available on our website, the town's official public noticing location is the bulletin board at Snowmass Village Town Hall.
  • Town Meeting Media Center: Features recordings on current and past Town Council meetings, as well as agendas, minutes, and packets for all Town Boards and Commissions.
  • Document Center: Features town documents organized by topic or department. These include promotional forms and flyers, downloadable forms, strategic plans, community development materials, and more.

Records Requests:

The Town Clerk’s office is the official contact for requesting public records that are not provided on this website. The Town is pleased to provide all public records according to the requirements of the Colorado Open Records Act.

It is the intent of our office to provide records to the public without requiring a CORA request. Before making a CORA request, contact our office to request information from our staff. Many of the documents are already readily available to the public. Our office may be able to help you access these documents without asking you to make a CORA request

Request a Public Record (CORA Request):

To request a public record, please submit a request through our formal records request form.

Excluded Records:

Some information is considered confidential or is excluded from the Colorado Open Records Act. Some examples of excluded public records include:

  • Criminal justice records or documents prepared for a criminal investigation.
  • Work product prepared for a Town official. 
  • Trade secrets and proprietary software information, including programs and source code. 
  • Home address and home telephone number of any officer, official, or employee 

Fee Policy:

As permitted under CORA, a public records request is subject to fees. Staff time for searching, retrieving, and redacting records is $33.58 per hour. Standard size copies are $0.25 each, after the first 10 copies. Certified copies - $2.00 each. Information transferred to computer media - $30 each. Copies of video, DVD, or audio CD are $30 per item. Postage and packaging for mailing = actual cost. 

Any applicable fees shall be paid by the applicant prior to inspection of any public records and prior to receipt of or copies of any public records. Prior to performing any services necessary to respond to the application, the Town Clerk may require the applicant to pay a deposit equal to estimated fees that will be charged by the Town Clerk.