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In order to make licensing registration/renewal and sales and lodging tax remittance easier for you the Town of Snowmass Village is using a system called MuniRevs. Instructions and registration are available at:

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For assistance registering your account, obtaining a license or remitting your sales tax call (888) 751-1911 or email

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Please send an email to providing what city it is in, town license number, business name and closed as of date.



Before conducting any retail business, engaging in any business activity or advertising for short term rentals within the Town of Snowmass Village a business license is required as outlined in Town of Snowmass Municipal Code Chapter 4 Article 1

Business Licenses are issued by the Town Clerk's Department with the approval of the Finance and Community Development Department. Registration of the Business and payment of the Business License Fee is required prior to the license being issued.

  • The business license shall be renewed annually.  A late filing fee of $50.00 will be imposed if the license is not renewed within 30 days of the expiration.
  • The business's Federal Employers Identification Number is required for processing the registration. 
  • Businesses filing sales tax will also require a State Sales Tax License.  Please contact the Colorado Secretary of State if you have further questions related to business licensing in Colorado.

Types of Licenses

Business Sales Tax License - Anyone who is doing business in the Town and collecting and remitting sales tax.  Doing business in the Town means the selling, leasing or delivering in the Town or any activity in the Town in connection with the selling, leasing or delivering in the Town or tangible personal property by a retail sale for use, storage, distribution or consumption within the town. Town Municipal Code Chapter 4, Article IV.   This term shall include, but shall not be limited to the following methods of transaction business:

  • The maintaining within the Town directly, or indirectly, or by a subsidiary, an office, distribution house, salesroom or house, warehouse or other place of business.
  • The soliciting, either by direct representatives, indirect representatives or manufacturers' agents, by distribution of catalogs or other advertising, by use of any communications media, or by any other means whatsoever, or business from persons residing in the Town and by reason thereof receiving orders from, or selling or leasing tangible personal property to, such persons residing in the Town for use, consumption, distribution and storage for use of consumption in the Town.
  • Accommodation Short-Term Rental- Every person who advertises for rent an accommodation Unit(s) or room(s) used for accommodation for a total continuous duration of less than thirty (30) days.

General Business License- Any person delivering goods, performing services (excluding wholesale delivery) or otherwise engaged in business within the Town with or without a permanent location with in the Town.  Town Municipal Code Chapter 4 Article 1

Contractors License - All Contractor types licenses, such as builders, concrete, drywall, electrician, excavation, fire alarm, general, gutter, insulation, landscaping, masonry, mechanical, painting, plumbing, roofing, sheet metal, solar, waterproofing, utilities, etc.. ( A physical presence/location within the Town is not required).