Snowmass Mall Transit Center

Why Do We Need a New Transit Center?

World-class resorts require world-class transit services. The planned Snowmass Village Transit Center project represents a 40-year commitment to providing transit services to the community. The Village Shuttle and RFTA provide approximately 1 million rides each year through the Snowmass Mall and the capacities of both RFTA and Village Shuttle facilities are frequently reached during peak times. The lack of visual and at-grade connection between the existing depots creates confusion for riders and the current pedestrian access to mall is difficult and unsafe for all users.

Village Shuttle and RFTA services currently operate out of two separate locations. The planned transit center will improve efficiency and rider experience by creating a single location for service. The planned transit center includes features and amenities that benefit guests and riders such as improved waiting areas, public restrooms, replacement parking, a driver’s breakroom, pedestrian walkways, and escalators or elevators. Other benefits include:

  • Better Access to/from the Snowmass Mall:

A high priority for this project is to improve the transit connections to the Snowmass Mall. A reconfiguration of the transit stations would allow for transit users, lodge shuttles, taxis, deliveries, skiers, shoppers, employees, and guests to better access the mall. This is currently being contemplated by alleviating the elevation gain to the mall through improved grading, elevator, and improved drop-off locations.

  • Improved Guest Arrival Experience:

The mall transit station is a crucial part of the guest experience in Snowmass Village. In many cases, it is our guests' first impression of the Village. By consolidating and upgrading the current transit facilities, the Town hopes to make the arrival experience fit the expectations of a world-class resort. The contemplated consolidation will also eliminate the confusion of the two bus stops being in different locations and make it much easier to use the appropriate transit services.

  • Safety Improvements:

The design of the transit center will provide at-grade access to Snowmass Mall. In addition to providing ADA-compliant access to the mall, wayfinding improvements will help pedestrians navigate to their destination from the center. At-grade walkways and new pedestrian crossings will improve safety for users.

Planned Transit Center Design

After collecting feedback from the community, mall merchants, and the Town Council, the design team has published an updated design for the planned Snowmass Mall Transit Center. View the presentation below:Transit Center Conceptual Design

The design of the planned Snowmass Mall Transit Center solves several functional deficiencies in the current design, depicted to the right.

The project will improve rider experience and traffic flow along Carriage Way.

Transit Center Image 2

Project Phasing

Transit Center Website Phasing Construction Schedule

Town Council provided staff with the direction to proceed with the current design on September 6, 2022. A tentative construction schedule is as follows:

  • Tentative Project Groundbreaking - TBD
  • Tentative Project Completion - TBD

Project Location

The planned construction area is outlined below. It includes the existing RFTA station and Snowmass Village Lot Number 6.

Project Funding

The Town has leveraged federal, state, and local grant dollars to fund this project. The current budget is $32.2 million from the following sources:

  • Elected Officials Transportation Committee (EOTC) - $6 million
  • State of Colorado - $5.5 million
  • Roaring Fork Transit Authority (RFTA) - $1.5 million
  • Federal Government - $16.2 million
  • Town of Snowmass Village - $3 million
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