Broadband & Fiber Optic Network 

In 2020, the Town Council approved an additional budget appropriation for the Town to pursue and deploy high-speed internet infrastructure in Snowmass Village. In April of 2021, the Town Council adopted the Town's first Broadband Master Plan, which aims to install and lay the groundwork for a "backbone" of fiber optic cable for Snowmass Village in various phases. 

Fiber Network: Phase 1

The first phase of the project aims to install the core infrastructure of fiber optic cable into Snowmass Village, forming a ring along the community's major transportation corridors. In partnership with Holy Cross Energy, the Town is installing approximately 48,000 feet of fiber optic cable housed in conduit from Highway 82 into Snowmass Village. Phase I will connect the Town's major facilities.

This core network will provide high-speed internet service to the Town's facilities. 

Construction of Phase I continues in 2023. The majority of the work will take place off the road or on the road shoulder. Impacts will be minimal. Temporary one-lane closures are anticipated. 

Project Map:

The installation locations and the expected route is shown on the project map below:

Fiber Network: Phase II

Phase II of the fiber network continues the deployment of the core "backbone" network by installing additional fiber optic cable up to the Snowmass Mall. This installation will allow the Town to connect to its other main facilities, such as the Transportation Department, Housing Department, and the Mall Transit Station.

During this phase, the Town also intends to connect to the anchor institutions of Snowmass Village such as Snowmass Water & Sanitation District, Roaring Fork Fire & Rescue, and Little Red School House. 

Fiber Network: Phase III 

In future phases of this project, the Town will to partner with Internet Service Providers (ISP) to provide high-speed internet services to Snowmass Village residents and businesses.